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Justin F Skrebowski

(Oxford & London)

Saturdays only:

The Print Stand, Antique Arcade, (W. Jones & Son)

113 Portobello Road,

London, W11 2 BQ

Saturdays only: tel: 0207 792 9742

Weekdays : By appointment

Mobile: 07774 612474; email:


Prints & Pictures 1600-1900


The 'Latest Listings' section [see the left hand tab] contains prints pictures and frames most recently added

Fairs: none planned in 2015

Open on Saturday 8.30-15.30 along with the other markets.

By appointment during the week.

Antique Prints - engravings, etchings and mezzotints, stipples, aquatints and lithographs (1600-1900)

These are not modern reproductive copies.

Oil paintings, Watercolours and Drawings (1600- 1950).

Frames & Framing

We frame in old and reproduction frames.

Old, Antique and second-hand frames: these can be adapted or cut to size. We can use old glass and backing as required.

Some smaller frames (antique and vintage) are listed on Ebay: please follow the link on the tab ' Old Frames' on the left  hand side

Hand made reproduction frames for prints and pictures; these are lovingly hand crafted in traditional styles. Mounts/mats added according to customers' taste. Museum Glass/ UV filtering available.

Stands, Browsers & Easels

Folio Stands, Browsers, Print Racks and Desktop Display Stands and Easels this unique range of Display Equipment has a worldwide reputation.

Please Note: Goods remain the property of J. Skrebowski until paid in full.