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Anon ***

[A fairytale Banquet scene]

20th century watercolour on card.

Sheet: 272 x 100 mm

Price: £100

A jovial, quasi-medieval banquet scene, in which a Queen and her ladies in waiting enjoy the entertainment, including music, a jester and a performance involving some portable scenery containing court ladies.


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After Guercino? ***

[Study of the Holy family with an infant John the Baptist]

19th century pencil and ink drawing with some coloured pencil.

Sheet: 368 x 255 mm

Some small marginal tears.

Price: £95

A delicate rendering of the Holy family with the infant John the Baptist. Thought to be after the baroque painter Giovanni Francesco Barbieri, best known as Guercino.


(image pending)

Anon ***

Presidents of America

Published by Read & Co. 10 Johnson’s Court, Fleet St.

19th century engraving printed on rolled paper.

Sheet: 442 x 572 mm

Several repaired marginal tears and traces of crease lines.

Price: £80

A decorative image, depicting 11 roundel portraits of  past Presidents of the United States, en-circling a larger central portrait of the 12th President, Zachary Taylor, who held the post in 1849. His leadership was short-lived; he died of gastroenteritis 16 months after his inauguration.


Waterhouse Hawkins after Major General Thomas Hardwick

Paradoxurus Hamiltonii, Gray

Canis Procyonoide (Gray)   Racoon Faced Dog

Pallas’s Paradoxurus. Paradoxurus Pallassii, Gray

Indian Zibeth. Viverra Zibetta; Viverra Undulata, Gray

Published by Gray & Hardwick in ‘Illustrations of Indian Zoology 1830-1835’

19th century lithographs with hand colouring (framed).

Sight size:  approximately 455 x 317 mm

In good condition.

Price: Set of 4 for £550

A set of artistic representations of different species of Civet; a lithe-bodied mammal, similar in appearance to a mongoose or otter.


Henry Fuseli

[The three Witches]

18th century mixed method engraving printed in bistre ink.

Sheet size: 255 x 201 mm

Trimmed within the plate mark. In excellent condition.

Price: £80

A dark and dramatic image after the Fuseli’s famous painting The Three Witches, painted in 1783.



The Contemplative Charmer

Printed for Robert Sayer, Map and Printseller, No. 53 Fleet Street, London. As the act directs, 1st July 1786

18th century mezzotint with original hand-colouring.

Some marginal damage (top left-hand corner). Some surface abrasion.

Price: £50

A delicate depiction of a fashionable young woman, sat in a garden setting, contemplating Hervey’s Meditations.



Rural Happiness, Health, Felicity and Contentment

Printed for Carrington Bowles, at his Map & Print Warehouse, No. 69 in St Pauls Church yard, London.

18th century mezzotint with hand-colouring.

Some minor marginal tears.

Price: £95

A decorative family image, depicting a happy couple with their three healthy-looking children.



Le Carnaval

Published 1810, Rue St. Denis, Paris

Early 19th century aquatint

Plate: 419 x 346 mm

Repaired tear running diagonally through the publishing line into the bottom left-hand corner of image.

Price: £140

A decorative pastiche, representing a carnival procession, making its way through the bustling, crowded streets of Paris. This image contains various references to pre and post revolutionary France; the couple stood in the foreground, wearing both pre and post revolutionary attire; several female figures sporting the new fashionable ‘empire line’ dresses and handbags (which were introduced around this period); the appearance of various historical and allegorical figures (including Robespierre and the figure of Minerva).


H. Kohler after W. Lindenschmit

[A German father shows his son the Roman remains of a battle field]

A 19th century lithograph printed on rolled paper

Sheet: 416 x 524 mm

In good condition.

Price: £65

A sentimental image of a father and son walking through a wooded landscape. The father is pointing out the remains of Roman soldiers who died on the battlefield. In the German heroic tradition, the father figure is dressed as Hercules. Both figures are dressed in classical costumes.



Harry Dornton: The Go. Beating the Watchmen

Published September 26th 1803 by Laurie & Whittle, 53 Fleet Street, London

Early 19th century mezzotint with some etched lines.

Sheet: 256 x 353 mm

Traces of printer’s creases and some minor surface abrasion.

Price: £60

Plate 3 of a series of images, depicting scenes from a 19th century play by the playwright Thomas Holcroft, ‘The Road to Ruin’. This is a story about a banker’s son who leads a life of dissolution that threatens to ruin his family’s reputation.  In this scene, Harry Dornton is defending his friend against the watchmen.


G. Keating after Marquis de Brehan

[The Imprisonment of Marie Antoinette]

Published March 26th 1796 by C. Laurent & Co. London

18th century stipple engraving with some etched lines. Printed on rolled paper.

Size: 347 x 450 mm

Some browning and spotting. Traces of crease marks across the centre of the image.

Price: £70

To Her Royal Highness Caroline, Princess of Wales

This Print representing Marie Antoinette late Queen of France in the Prison of the Conciergerie at Paris, during the interval between her Sentence and Execution, from an Original Picture, is, by permission with profound respect, Dedicated by Her Royal Highnes’s Most Obedient and devoted Humble Servant, C. Laurent.

An emotionally charged scene in which Marie Antoinette kneels before the barred window of her cell, looking up at the unidentified stranger – his arm reaching out to her – as if to plead with him to rescue or release her.


L.Strutt after F. Stothard

Nurs’d at Home

Nurs’d Abroad

Published 1st June 1795 by I. Jeffryes, Ludgate Hill, London

Late 18th century stipple engravings, printed in brown ink with original hand-colouring.

Sheet size: 239 x 292 mm

                 239 x 292 mm

Some minor damage to the margins. Publisher’s line very faint. Otherwise, both are good impressions.

Price: Pair for £135

A delicate and sympathetic pair of stipple engravings depicting a young girl being nursed by her mother and a maid, both in the home and abroad.


C. Hullmandel after M. Gauci

[Young girl in Highland dress]

19th century lithograph printed on chine colé, mounted on paper.

Sheet size: 295 x 376 mm

In good condition.

Price: £48

A delicate portrait of a young girl in Highland dress, complete with sporran. A small King Charles spaniel sits patiently at her feet, looking up adoringly at her.



Juvenile Recreation

Published by Le Petit, 15 Henry St, Dublin

19th century mixed method engraving with hand-colouring

Plate size: 271 x 213 mm

Some damage to top left corner of sheet.  Some minor spotting.

Price: £48

A decorative and lively image depicting a young girl pulling along a pram with a younger sibling sat in it. The young girl is holding up a small drum in her hand, which the toddler is also eagerly reaching up for. At their feet, two dogs look up excitedly at their masters.


C. Turner after Huet Villiers


Published July 1st 1814, by T. Macdonald, 39 Fleet Street, London

19th century mixed method engraving with original hand-colouring.

Plate: 342 x 508 mm

Some very slight surface abrasion. A good impression.

Price: £190

An dramatic allegorical image of Hebe, the Greek goddess of youth. Daughter of Zeus and Hera, she was the cupbearer to the gods and goddesses of Olympus, serving them their nectar and ambrosia (hence the appearance of a chalice in her hand). The eagle, sipping from the chalice, is Zeus in disguise.


D. Weiss after G. Morland

A Tea Garden

Published August 1800 by , 132 Pall Mall, London.

Early 19th century stipple engraving printed on rolled paper.

Sheet: 515 x 404 mm

Repaired damage to bottom margin (publishers line partially visible). Some slight surface abrasion on image. A good impression.

Price: £100

A decorative scene depicting a familial group enjoying tea in the garden. The original painting was by the English painter George Morland, who excelled in painting this type of outdoor scene, and who also specialised in more rustic scenery.


P. Schenck

Aetas Argentea

Early 18th century copper engraving printed on laid paper (mounted on backing paper).

Sheet: 172 x 250 mm

A good impression.

Price: £90

A representation of the ‘Silver Age’ from Ovid’s Metamorphoses. The ‘Silver Age’, saw the introduction of the seasons, and this particular image represents Ceres, the goddess of agriculture and the harvest. Here, she is depicted with various agricultural attributes, including wheat,  a spade, watering can and sickle.




G. Cruikshank

Anglo-Parisian Salutations ‘_or Practice_par excellence! “Commong porty nous Munseer?_O oui_il est un tres belle jour”!_

Published by Thomas Mc. Lean, 26 Haymarket, August 1st 1835

Late 19th century impression.

Sheet: 430 x 280 mm

In good condition.


A jovial scene depicting an Englishman attempting to engage a Frenchman in conversation.


G. Cruikshank ***

Traveling in France_or_Le depart de la diligence_

Published by Thomas Mc. Lean, 26 Haymarket, August 1st 1835

19th century impression.

Sheet: 431 x 280 mm

In good condition.


A typically busy Cruikshank engraving portraying the stark contrast between the wealthy British tourist and the impoverished French public. The large Englishman, reaching into his pocket, stood in front of the famished, shoe-less French woman, is an amusing caricature depicting the contrast between these two European nations. Tourism, during this period, was on the rise again following the Napoleonic war.




Jonathan Hall after John Hamilton Mortimer

Banditti Gambling

Published as the Act directs, May 1st 1780, by I.Hall Berwick Street Soho, and I. Boydell, Cheapside.

18th century copper engraving and etching

Plate: 380 x 300 mm

A good impression.

Price: £130

An armoured bandit chieftain and a turbaned Turk play dice on a rock at the entrance to a cave, watched by a young black man. John Hamilton Mortimer (1741-79), who was the son of a Sussex miller, studied art under Thomas Hudson and became a talented fellow pupil of Joseph Wright of Derby.







[A young couple within an intimate setting]

A late 18th century mezzotint with some engraved lines. Printed on laid paper.

Sheet: 251 x 327 mm

A good impression

Price: £60

An intimate scene of a couple in a bedroom. The young lady perched on the older man’s knee points towards the bed in a suggestive manner. The presence of drink on the side table suggests that the couple may be slightly tipsy.


J. Johnson after F. Boucher

[An amorous encounter]

Printed for R. Sayer & J. Bennett, Map & Printsellers, No. 53 Fleet Street, London. As the Act directs, 20th March 1775

18th century mezzotint with original hand-colouring.

Sheet: 248 x 351 mm

Some marginal tears.

Price: £78

Nay, fye!_ what is’t the Boy would do?                                                Now, by my Soul,_be quiet Johnny?                                                       If you persist to sieze me so,_                                                                   I shall spill all my eggs upon ye

A playful depiction of an amorous young man courting a maid, who is trying to work. The eggs in her apron are falling to the ground as she tries to resist the young man’s passionate embrace. A cat is depicted feasting on it's latest victim; this could be a reference to the possible outcome of the encounter between the young couple This clandestine scene is very common amongst Boucher’s subjects.


J.F. Polctnich after Jordaens

Le Roy de la Feve

Published by Basan et Poignant, Mds. D’Estampes, rue et Hôtel Serpente, Paris in 1769

An 18th century copper engraving printed on rolled paper.

Sheet: 593 x 441 mm

Some marginal tears (bottom right hand corner).

Price: £125

A merry scene in which the ‘King of the Party’ takes centre stage, looking well fed and a bit inebriated. A man stood behind him plays a raucous tune on the bagpipes and the surrounding company charge their glasses to the old man in celebration.

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