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T.G. Prestel  after A. Radl

Ruines du Château de Henneberg

19th century aquatint

Image: 672 x 528 mm

Several tears in the margins. Some time staining in the margins and within the image. A good impression.

Price: £90

Chef lieu et residence des Comtes de Henneberg. Le Comte Henry XIII l’habita le dernier et y mourat l’an 1405. Il fut  réduit en cendres par les paysans revoltés en 1525.

A decorative image of the ruins of Henneberg castle in Austria. The castle itself was raized to the ground during the peasant revolts of 1525.


Charlotte Bonaparte 

Palais des Cesars

Published by Salucci in 1828

19th century lithograph

Sheet: 238 x 203 mm

Some slight spotting. Otherwise, in good condition.

Price: £60

A picturesque view of the Palace of the Caesars by the Napoleon’s niece, Charlotte (daughter of Joseph Bonaparte, the Emperor’s older brother). She was an accomplished artist, who studied engraving and lithography under Louis-Leopold Robert in Paris.


Canali after Ozanne

Le Mole St. Nicolas, dans L’Isle de St. Domingue

Vu du mouillage

Tiré d’un receil de differents Ports des Isles Antilles dessineés en 1780


Copper engraving with later hand colouring

Sheet: w x h:450 x307 mm

Image: w x h:317 x 146

Surface grubbiness: fold across the broad margin on the bottom right hand side


Price : £95

Santo Domingo de Guzmán, or  Santo Domingo, is the capital of the Dominican Republic; it is also its largest city. It is the oldest European city in the Americas: it was founded at the end of the 16th century.

It is on the river Ozama

The other part of the island is Haiti

The city was first founded on the east side of the River Ozama by Bartholomew Columbus, brother of Christopher, with the name of La Nueva Isabela (The New Isabela); La Isabela was a town founded on the northern coast of the island by Christopher Columbus. The name was soon changed to Santo Domingo.

The view shows the  ‘mole’ or breakwater. The St. Nicholas of Bari Hospital was the first hospital in the Americas but now is partially destroyed.



J.A. le Campion after Testard and Sergent

6 Views of Paris

Pubished by the Campion brothers, Rue St. Jacques, Rouen

6 circular colour aquatints of the late 18th century, printed on laid paper.

Diameter of the image within the black lines: approx. 110 mm

Vue de Palais Royal has a faint crease running across the image and a slight printing defect. Vue de la façade de l’ecole militaire has some slight surface abrasion. Otherwise, all in good condition.

Price: £sold

6 views of Paris. The sights include (in order of images above):

View of the Louis XVI Bridge

The Luxembourg Palace

The Royal Military College

The Interior of Notre Dame

The Royal Palace

View of St Martin’s Gate



[Dutch cottage in a rural setting]

17th century style (probably 18th century) red chalk drawing (framed).

Sight size: 153 x 211 mm

In very good condition.

Price: £245 framed

Drawing in a 17th century style of a Dutch cottage in a rural setting, situated adjacent to a river.


Armand Apol


Brussels, c. 1930

Etching, printed on three sheets

Slight overall browning to right sheet


£ not available


An enormous, detailed, panoramic view of Brussels, Belgium, looking to the north west across the city. On the right, in the middle distance is the Parc, with the Cathedral and Grand Place in the centre, with the monstrous Palais de Justice on the left. And a tumble of ancient tenements in the foreground. The Belgian artist Armand Apol (1879-1950), specialised in landscape and marine views.



Het Haar Boord brengen, van den Sultan Machmoed Badaroedin vaar L. M. Schooner de Johanna op de Riviere Sousang in der Oost-Indien op den 27 Juny 1821 …… der Palembangsche Expeditie &c.

The Hague ? 1822


Trimmed to image, laid onto card, slight overall browning.



Het Haar Boord brengen, van den Sultan Machmoed Badaroedin vaar L. M. Schooner de Johanna op de Riviere Sousang in der Oost-Indien op den 27 Juny 1821 …… der Palembangsche Expeditie &c.

A rare, naïve, popular print, on an unusual subject. A view of the expeditionary force, including the British ships Johanna and Calypso, taking part in the punitive expedition against Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II of Sumatra, for his recent massacre of Dutch traders. The view shows boats crowded with marines and sailors rowing towards the city of Palembang.


Alain Manesson Mallet


Frankfurt, J. D. Zunner 1685-6

Copper engraving




From the second, German edition of Mallet’s Description des Univers &c. first published in Paris in 1683. A small, early, naively executed map of Anatolia, Turkey, with a decorative cartouche of mounted turks and trophies of arms. The map covers the whole Anatolian peninsula, from the Black Sea in the north to Cyprus in the south, and from Trebizond in the east to Europe in the west.


Sebastian Munster after Claudius Ptolemy


Basle, 1579 - c. 1628

Woodcut, with text in German




A fine early city map of Bordeaux, France, enclosed within a fine scrolled border. The view shows the city from the River Garonne, within its defensive walls, looking northwards towards the Castle. An interesting, rare, early city map, from a later German edition of Munster's Cosmographia one of the most influential geographical works of the 16th Century.


Rev. John Louis Petit

Watercolour views of Continental cities

Basle, July 24th 1865




Watercolour views of Continental cities

Delicate watercolour sketches, executed mostly in light sepia tones, of views executed during Petit’s frequent travels all over Europe. John Louis Petit (1801-68) was educated at Eton and then elected to a scholarship at Trinity College. He took Holy Orders in 1824 - hence Rev. John Louis Petit - but did not perform any parochial work. A keen amateur artist with an interest in church architecture, he early showed a talent for detailed and correct drawing and sketching. He died in Lichfield on 2nd December 1868 - from a cold caught while sketching ! He is buried in St. Michael’s, Lichfield.

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