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SW Reynolds after J Hoppner

Sir Ralph Abercrombie, Knight of the Bath.

'London. Published 4th June 1801 by John Jeffryes, Clapham Road'

Early 19th C. colour printed mezzotint finished by hand

Sheet: 282 x 383 mm, 11 x 15 1/8th inches;

Plate: 252 x 355 mm, 9 7/8ths x 13 15/16ths inches

Repaired wormholes in sky right  and sleeve bottom right; laid on backing tissue; margin missing to right of title area; other scuffs etc

Price: £100

Listed Dec 2014

Scottish soldier and politician (7 October 1734 – 28 March 1801) who served in the Netherlands and West Indies. Famous for his action at Aboukir Bay, Egypt.


J Beauvarlet after Drouais

Edme Bouchardon

18th century copper engraving printed on laid paper

Sheet size: 252 x 372 mm

A good impression. A 2cm repaired tear into image by hammer: loses to left top corner and left side margin, not affecting image

Price: £90

Listed Dec 2014

Bouchardon (29 May 1698 – 27 July 1762)  was esteemed as the greatest sculptor of his time and valued as a painter and draughtsman as well.     ( ref: wikipedia)


Francesco Bartolozzi after William Martin

Cleopatra and her attendants assisting to arm Antony

Sheet Size: 685 x 550 mm,                     27 x 21 3/4 inches

Platemark: 636 x 505 mm, 25 x 19 3/4 inches

Stipple Engraving printed in colour, published August 11 1804

Beautiful stipple engraving with delicate colours. Laid down on old card, some areas of light staining, generally outside the platemark.

Price: £185

Listed Dec 2014


The huge painting 12 x 9 ft was painted for the Corporation of Liverpool, to whom the plate is dedicated. An illustration to the Shakespeare play Antony and Cleopatra the intimacy of the scene belies the historical outcome.


[ Unknown]

A Chelsea Pensioner enjoying His Grandchildren

Sheet: 274 x 372 mm, 10 3/4 x 14 5/8ths inches;

Platemark: 252 x 354 mm, 9 7/8ths x 13 7/8ths inches

Late 18th C. mezzotint: London published April 30th 1796 by John Fairburn Map chart and printseller No. 146 Minories

A fair impression. Laid onto old card, missing part of the right top corner margin outside the platemark, also part of the right side margin outside the platemark.

Price: £85

Listed Dec 2014

The description below the image relates How Maria sees the pensioner and enquires the reasons for his evident domestic felicity. '' Vide: Adventures of a Hackney Coach p.103'' [ first published in 1781]



[  Unknown ]

The Greenwich Pensioner.

18th century mezzotint printed on laid paper

Sheet size: 252 x 298 mm

The impression has numerous scuffs and traces of an old horizontal fold top centre. Right edge repaired.

Price: £50

Listed Dec 2014

An amusing caricature in the Carington Bowles tradition of social satire, showing two Greenwich Pensioners outside a tavern near St Paul's being observed  by a serving girl.

The Greenwich pensioner, a naval pensioner, wore a blue coat unlike the red of the Chelsea pensioner



[    ]

[Oyster eating]

Lithograph with old hand colouring. Published by

W. Cole 10 Newgate St

Sheet size: 245 x191mm, 9 1/2 x 7 3/4 inches

Light staining particularly to the right margin; other defects

Price: £28

Listed Dec 2014

The interior of a tavern near Covent Garden showing three Gentlemen enjoying oysters and refreshments




Bernoit after Callet

Louis Seize [Louis 16th ]

19th C. impression of the 18th C. engraving

Plate size: 455 x 572 mm, 17 15/16ths 22 1/2 inches

Good impression; some signs of plate wear around the plate edge


Listed Dec 2014

Formal portrait of Louis XVI, the French king guillotined during the French Revolution



P Audouin after A J Gros 1815

Louis Dix Huit  [Louis 18th ]

Published by P Audouin

19th C. engraving

Plate size: 445 x 574 mm, 17 1/2 x  22 1/2 inches

Sheet size:526 x684 mm, 20 3/4 x 27 inches

Good impression; some foxing mainly outside the platemark


Listed Dec 2014

Formal portrait of Louis XVIII, the French king restored to the Bourbon throne in 1815






Sheet size: 133 x 188 mm, 5 1/4" x 7 3/8"

19th C. engraved caricature with original hand colouring. Watermark 1815

Laid on old blue backing paper; stains and other defects


Caveat Emptor!

Listed Jan 2015

 My dear your eyes they shine so bright,

They're like dead whitings in the night,

Your arms are brawn, brown and tough,

Your skin like any  hog's back, rough,

Your voice the screech owl does excel,

Your  breath a pole cat's is as well,

Your mouth a sparrow's , is my dear,

It reaches but from ear to ear,

In you such charms at once combine,

I choose you for my valentine.





Sheet size: 138 x 210 mm, 5 1/2" x 8 1/4"

19th C. engraved caricature with original hand colouring.

Laid on old blue backing paper; stains and other defects


Caveat Emptor!

Listed Jan 2015

Replete with charms and every grace,

The human mind can give

A perfect heaven is your face

With thee I wish to live.




J Audran after J Jouvenet

Christ and the Fishermen

( Luke Ch5 V. 4)

Published Paris, Hotel des Gobelins

Sheet: 926 x 625 mm; 36 1/2" x 24 5/8"

Platemark: 805 x 505 mm; 31 3/4" x 19 7/8"

Fine large copper engraving, slightly dusty; stains bottom right  and in title area; light foxing


Listed February 2015

 A dramatic interpretation of the results of Christ's command: "He said to Simon, "Put out into the deep water and let down your nets for a catch."

Simon answered and said, "Master, we worked hard all night and caught nothing, but I will do as You say and let down the nets."…





Francesco Piranesi after GianBattista Piranesi

Plan & coupe de la Premiere Caverne, demonstrant le Parapet, les fourneaux, la Cheminee et le Sterquilinium, dans la ville de Pompeia

Published by Francesco Piranesi, Paris 1804

Staining to the top left corner and in the margins and dusty overall


Listed January 2015


Architectural detail from the ruins of Pompeii




[View of a monumental facade in Orange, France,

possibly the Roman Theatre]

475 x 332mm

Early 19th C. Engraving, trimmed to the image all round. Centre folds, other defects.


Listed January 2015


A view in the southern French town of Orange (?) described as a miniature Rome


[   ]

Profiles of the Ionic Order , according to....

18th C. copper engraving, plate XXIII

[ Published by Thomas Chippendale ?]

Marginal tears and splits; creases centre horizontally

Sheet: 350 x 455 mm, 13 3/4" x 17 3/4"


Listed January 2015

Explanatory plate for the Ionic order of Pillars and Columns



J Young after W Beechey

The Gypsy Fortune Teller

18th C. colour printed mezzotint, London published February 14th 1787 by J Young

Trimmed to the  platemark and laid down on old card. Light foxing and staining mostly in the  title area. Repaired tears in the title area; other minor defects


Backing Sheet: 453 x 655 mm, 17 3/4" x 25 3/4"

Plate: 427 x 630 mm, 16 3/4" x  24 3/4"


Listed January 2015

Dedicated to the Duchess of Devonshire the composition is a bucolic rural idyll with children





B. Baron after Le Hay ***

Femme d’Afrique allant par les rues

18th century copper engraving printed on laid paper

Plate size: 248 x 360 mm

Some traces of crease lines.

Price: £200 for 4

Images from a popular French series, known as Receuil de Cent Estampes representante differentes Nations du Levant, which illustrated the different peoples and their costumes within the Ottoman Empire.



G. Scotin after Le Hay ***

Afriquaine en habit de cèrèmonie

18th century copper engraving printed on laid paper

Plate size: 250 x 351 mm

In good condition.

Price: £200 for 4

Images from a popular French series, known as Receuil de Cent Estampes representante differentes Nations du Levant, which illustrated the different peoples and their costumes within the Ottoman Empire.


G. Scotin after Le Hay ***

Afriquaine en deshabille

18th century copper engraving printed on laid paper

Plate size: 250 x 358 mm

In good condition.

Price: £200 for 4

Images from a popular French series, known as Receuil de Cent Estampes representante differentes Nations du Levant, which illustrated the different peoples and their costumes within the Ottoman Empire.


P. Rochefort after Le Hay ***

Femme Moresque

18th century copper engraving printed on laid paper

Plate size: 248 x 356 mm

Some tide marks.

Price: £200 for 4

Images from a popular French series, known as Receuil de Cent Estampes representante differentes Nations du Levant, which illustrated the different peoples and their costumes within the Ottoman Empire.


Prallent after Dodd

View of the Celestial Influx on the Body of Woman as illustrated in Culpeper's Family Physician and Sibley's Occult Sciences

Line and stipple engraving printed in sanguine and bistre, circa 1810

Sheet 172 mm x 232 mm; 6 3/4 " x 9 1/8 "

Good impression

Price: £ 60

Listed February 2015

An early 19th C. representation of the purported influences of the signs of the Zodiac on the female body.







Ambroise Tardieu after Chazal ***

Vue de L’ile Oualan prise du havre de la Coquille (Archipel des iles Carolines)

Published by Redmond

19th century aquatint with engraved line and rocker work, printed in blue.

Sheet: 476 x 311 mm

Some surface abrasion in the sky and some time staining.

Price: £175

View of the Oualan island in the Caroline Islands Archipelago, Oceana. In the foreground is depicted the Coquille at anchor with the indigenous population gathering on the coral atoll. Duperrey (1786-1865), a French marine hydrographer, was the commander of the ‘Coquille’ during its voyage (1822-1825) to Chile, Peru, Polynesia, the Molucca Islands (Indonesia), New Ireland (Papua New Guinea) and Australia.


Young after Beechey ***

Francis Drake Esq.

Early 19thth century mezzotint printed on laid paper.

Sheet: 375 x 506 mm

Trimmed within the plate mark (publishers line missing), otherwise in good condition.

Price: £80

Inscribed Below the title:

His Majestys Envoy Extraordinary & Minister Plenipotentiary at the Court of Munich

A three quarter length seated portrait of Francis Drake Esq, a British diplomat who held positions in Genoa and Munich during the Napoleonic wars. In 1799 he was appointed Envoy Extraordinary to the Elector Palatine and Minister to the Diet of Ratisbon but was later politically embarrassed in 1804 when some letters revealing the plans of Pichegru and Cadoudal to mount an uprising were intercepted by the French government and circulated round the foreign ministers in Paris.


Anon ***

[Portrait of Thomas Brassey]

19the century mixed method engraving printed on chine cole.

Plate: 527 x 791 mm

Marginal tear (right margin). Image in good condition.

Price: £120

A full length seated portrait of Thomas Brassey (1805-1870), the civil engineering contractor who was responsible for building a large majority of the world’s railways during the 19th century.


Sharp ***

Filmer Honywood Esq. MP.

Engraved & Published by William Sharp, April 1804

18th century copper engraving, printed on rolled paper.

Sheet: 300 x 381 mm

Trimmed within the plate mark. Some tidemarks in the margins. A good impression.

Price: £70

A three quarter length seated portrait of the English MP Filmer Honywood. He was the MP for Steyning between 1774 and 1780, when he was then elected as the MP for Kent. In this portrait, he is holding a document, which reads ‘Kent Petition 1780’ which suggests that this portrait was completed prior to his election.


Anon ***

[Slaver at Anchor]

19th century watercolour on card

Image: 140 x 93 mm

In excellent condition.

Price: £150

A small postcard-sized watercolour depicting a lone slaver, anchored in a quiet bay.








Joseph Constantine Stadler after William Berry ***

Government House

Early 19th century aquatint

Sheet: 201 x 152 mm

Traces of old folds.

Price: £40

The Residence of His Excellency Lt. Gen. Sir John Doyle, Bar. K.B.C &c &c &c. Lt. Govenor by whom this Plate is presented to the Work.

A view of Government House in Guernsey, home of Sir John Doyle (1750-1834) who, after a long successful career in the military, was appointed the private secretary to the Prince of Wales and later became the governor of Guernsey.


Penguin? ***

[Set of 6 watercolours and drawings documenting occupation of Revigny, France during the first World War]

20th century watercolours and pencil drawings on sketch book paper.

Sheet sizes: approx. 380 x 260 mm

Some marginal tears and time stains.

Price: Individually priced (between £38-48 each)

A detailed collection of sketches, depicting life as soldier in Revigny (France) during the first World War.


William Creatbach after James Sharples ***

Amalgamated Society of Engineers, Machinists, Millwrights, Smiths, and Pattern Makers.

Published by W. Allan & Co. 90 Blackfriars road, London, December 31st, 1852

19th century steel engraving printed on rolled paper with late hand-colouring.

Plate: 418 x 560 mm

Some time stains but otherwise a good impression.

Price: £75

A certificate of admittance into the Amalgamated Society of Engineers, Machinists, Millwrights, Smiths and Pattern Makers for Reuben B_ . The Publisher of this print, William Allan, was elected the General Secretary of the union in 1861 at time when it had 186 branches and over 33,000 members.


W. Dickinson after T. Lawrence ***

The Right Hon. William Lord Auckland

Published February 24th 1796 by W. Dickinson, London

18th century mezzotint, printed on line paper

Sheet: 357 x 485 mm

Trimmed within the plate mark. Tear in the publishers margin (bottom right-hand corner)

Price: £75

A three-quarter length portrait of William Eden, 1st Baron Auckland, a British statesman and diplomat. A leading figure in British and Irish politics, the Auckland islands near New Zealand were named after him in 1806 after their discovery.


Henry Cousins after H.W. Pickersgill ***

Thomas Drummond Esq.

Published at No. 14 Pall Mall East, June 20th 1841, by Paul and Dominic Colnaghi & Co.

19th century mezzotint printed on rolled paper, mounted on tissue.

Sheet size: 387 x 518 mm

Several repaired marginal tears (left-hand margin). One large marginal tear (right-hand margin) extends 110 mm into image. Otherwise, a strong impression.

Price: £48

A three-quarter length portrait of Thomas Drummond, Captain of Engineers and Under Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland (as stated under the title). ‘Drummond Light’ is the name given to a device which uses the limelight effect, and was an instrument that was built by Drummond in 1826, after he had witnessed a demonstration of the effect, given by the English scientist, Michael Faraday. Drummond was the first to realize the benefits of this effect in the process of surveying.


Richard Blome ***

A Map of the County of Northumberland with the Isles of Farne and Holy Lland

18th century engraving, printed on lined paper

Sheet: 285 x 352 mm

Some time stains. Crease line running horizontally across the centre of the image. Small hole along the crease line.

Price: £70

A detailed map of the County of Northumberland by the well-known British cartographer Richard Blome (1635-1705).


Robert Morden ***


17th century engraving, printed on lined paper.

Sheet: 376 x 432 mm

Trimmed within the plate mark and mounted on backing paper. Crease lines running horizontally and vertically through the centre of the image. Some repaired marginal tears.

Price: £35

A detailed map of 17th century Northumberland by the renowned bookseller and publisher, Robert Moore (1650-1703), thought to be amongst the first successful commercial map makers.


John Jones after Joshua Reynolds ***

The Right Honourable Charles James Fox

Published November 1st 1748, by J. Jones, No. 63 Great Portland Street, Marylebone, London

18th century mezzotint with some etched lines, printed on lined paper.

Plate: 357 x 505 mm

Backed onto tissue. In good condition.

Price: £120

A half-length portrait of Charles James Fox (1749-1806), the prominent British Whig statesman. His right hand rests on a document which reads:

A Bill for the letter regulating the affairs of the E.J. Company

Underneath that is a document that reads:

Representation of the Commons to the King, March 15 1748






John Boydell ***

A View of the High Lodge in Blenheim Park, in the County of Oxford formerly one of the Seats of the Earl of Rochester.

Published by John Boydell at the Unicorn, the corner of Queen Street, Cheapside, London 1751-2

18th century copper engraving, printed onto laid  paper

Sheet size:

423 x 260 mm

Trimmed within the plate marks. All in good condition.

Price: £50



West ***

An Address of Thanks from the Faculty to the Right Hon. Mr Influenzy for his Kind Visit to this Country

Published April 20th 1805 by S.W. Fores, 50 Piccadilly, London.

18th century etching with hand colouring.

Sheet size: 395 x 270 mm

Impression is weak on the left hand side of print.

Price: £50



Sherwin after Gainsborough ***

The Right Hon. William Pitt, First Lord of the Treasury, Chancellor of the Exchequer

Published 15th June 1789 by J.K. Sherwin, New Bond Street, London

18th century copper engraving

Sheet size: 360 x 496 mm

Trimmed within the plate mark. Crease line through the middle. Repaired tear (top margin 80mm). A good impression.

Price: £80

A handsome half-length portrait of William Pitt, the youngest man to be elected as Prime Minister of Britain. He is sat at a desk, surrounded by official documents, including a proposed Act of legislation, which suggests his position within government.


Valentine Green after Joshua Reynolds ***

Sir Joshua Reynolds, Knight

19th century impression of an 18th century mezzotint, printed on rolled paper

Sheet: 382 x 482 mm

Trimmed within the plate mark (trimmed within the image on the left-hand margin). A good impression.

Price: £60

Inspiration for this image was drawn from the self-portrait of Rembrandt contemplating a bust of Homer. Further information on this image can be found on the British Museum website:,_sir_joshua_re.aspx


John Louis Pettit


Painted  22nd November 1858

19th century watercolour (mounted)

Sheet size: 385 x 276 mm

In good condition.

Price: £sold

This watercolour depicts a Romanesque building, possibly a church, on the coast in the city of Marseille, France. Painted by John Louis Petit, an English clergyman and architectural artist, who much of his time visiting old churches and sketching them. Throughout his life, he published several works on architecture, including ‘Remarks on Church Architecture’ (published 1841 in two volumes). This particular publication was the result of his first extensive tour of the continent.


Johann Cristoph Dietzsch

[Rural Landscape]

18th century copper engraving.

Sheet size: 221 x 143 mm

Trimmed within the plate mark. In good condition.

Price: £50

A picturesque and animated rural landscape by the German artist Johann Cristoph Dietzsch. He was one of seven children fathered by Johann Israel Dietzsch, a successful artist based in Nuremburg. Due to the city’s status as the largest centre of botanical art outside of London, both Johann Cristoph and his sisters, Barbara and Margareta, were employed as court artists at the Nuremburg court, were they painted botanical subjects, usually for engraving. However, Johann Cristoph was also recognised as a talented landscape painter.


Thomas Brown after J. L. Williams

Tea _ its Cultivation and Preparation

Published by Blackie & Son

19th century steel engraving (mounted).

Sheet size: 320 x 250 mm

Central crease line (image from a book).

Price: £40

A decorative and detailed commentary on the production of Tea.


Ford after Reynolds

Dr. Oliver Goldsmith

Early 19th century copper engraving, printed on laid paper.

Plate size: 249 x 344 mm

In good condition.

Price: £30

A portrait of the Anglo-Irish writer and poet, Oliver Goldsmith, whose well known works include his novel, The Vicar of Wakefield, and his plays, The Good Natur’d Man (1768) and She Stoops to Conquer (1771, first performed in 1773).


Baity after Westall

Fort Cornwallis, Prince of Wales Island

Published 30th January 1813 by Joyce Gold, Naval Chronicle Office, 3 Shoe Lane, London

19th century aquatint with hand-colouring printed on rolled paper (mounted)

Sheet size: 249 x 153 mm

Some minor time staining. A good impression.

Price: £30

A view of the impressive star-shaped fort, located on the northeastern coast of Penang, Malaysia. The island was formerly known as the Prince Wales isle, named in honour of the birthday of the Prince of Wales after its occupation by the British East India Company on the 12th August 1786. The Fort, completed in 1810, was named after Charles Cornwallis who was the late eighteenth century Governor-General of Bengal, India.


Bromley after Benezach

The hospitable behaviour of the Governor of Timor to Lieutenant Bligh

Published July 31st 1802 by J. Stratford, No. 112 Holborn Hill, London

19th century copper engraving with hand-colouring, printed onto rolled paper.

Plate size: 215 x 172 mm

Some printers creases outside the image. In good condition.

Price: £28

This scene depicts the encounter between the Governor of Timor (an island at the southern end of Maritime Southeast Asia) and Vice Admiral William Bligh. A mutiny occurred during his command of the HMAV Bounty and this scene depicts Bligh and the few remaining loyal men after they were adrift in the Bounty’s launch by the mutineers. Bligh later went on to be appointed Governor of New South Wales, with the mission of ‘cleaning up’ the corrupt rum trade, which  resulted in the Rum Rebellion of 1808.


T. Wallis after W.M. Craig

View of the City and Harbour of Acapulco, in Spanish America

Published by C. Brightly and T. Kinnersley, June 1805

19th century copper engraving printed onto rolled paper

Sheet size: 262 x 205 mm

Trimmed within the plate mark. A good impression.

Price: £20

A picturesque view of the Harbour of Acapulco; the major sea port on the Pacific coast of Mexico.


Piringer after Rembrandt

[A woodland landscape with goats]

Published c. 1811

19th century mixed method engraving, printed on rolled paper.

Plate size: 560 x 461 mm

Some minor surface abrasions. A good impression.

Price:  (tbc)

A picturesque woodland scene. To the right, a building (possibly a mill) sits in the background. In the foreground, two shepherds rest on the roadside, whilst their goats drink from a nearby stream. In the background, two men accompanied by their two horses, continue on their travels, crossing a somewhat rickety- looking bridge. Engraved by Benedict Piringer was a well known and established Austrian engraver.


(image pending)

Adam Perelle (?)

[Italianesque rural landscape]

17th century (?) engraving printed on laid paper. Watermark visible.

Sheet size: 351 x 232 mm

Some minor spotting. A good impression.

Price: £100

A picturesque landscape, possibly somewhere in Italy. In the foreground stands a very grand set of buildings whilst in the background lie some ruins and a small rural village, creating a contrast between the wealthy and poor residents of the area. Perelle came from a well-established family of artists; both his father and brother were painters and engravers.














George Vertue after Kerssboom

The Hon. Robert Boyle

London 1740

18th century engraving on laid paper.

Sheet: 239 x 378 mm


A roundel portrait of the famous English Scientist, Robert Boyle. Boyle is regarded as one of the founders of modern chemistry and his book, The Sceptical Chymist, is thought to be one of his most important and influential written works.




Sketched from the Ancient Palace of the Tartar Khans_ Now the Russian Headquarters

19th century chromolithograph

Sheet: 395 x 264 mm

Some time staining. Crease line vertically down centre of image.

Price: £60

A detailed rendering of the palace in Bakchisaray, Russia, which became the home to a succession of Crimean Khans.


Robert Dighton

A First Rate Man of War, taken from the Dockyard Plymouth

Drawn, Etch’d & Pub’d by Dighton, Charing Cross, January 1809

19th century etching with original hand-colouring

Plate: 201 x 275 mm

Some minor spotting. Small tear (level with character’s knees)

Price: £55

A typical Robert Dighton caricature of William Young (1751-1821); an officer of the Royal Navy who served during the American War of Independence and French Revolutionary and Napoleonic wars.


Picken after Bedwell

Attack and Capture of the Forts at the entrance of the river Pei-Ho_China on the 20th May 1858 by the allied British and French gun boats and boats of the Squadron_Gulf of Pechili

Published by Day & Son, Lithographers to the Queen, Gate Street, Lincoln Inn Fields, London

19th century chromolithograph

Sheet: 626 x 383 mm

Some time staining/spotting of image. Trimmed within the plate mark; part of publishing line has been trimmed away.

Price: £295 SOLDst

This dramatic battle scene depicts the attack and capture by the allied British and French troops of the Taku forts, on their way to capturing Tientsin and Peking. This chromolithographic print was produced by Day & Son, thought to be the leading lithographic printers of the mid to late 19th century.


E.J.K ?

 [View of up the Road from my window at Mrs D_]

19th century watercolour

Sheet: 270 x 157 mm

Some minor damage to corners.

Price: £38




19th century watercolour

Sheet: 250 x 149 mm

Some marginal tears/damaged corners

Price: £38

Written on the back: View of Escada from the Station, 35 Miles out from Bernambuen (?), Brazil, Sunday, July 1894



[View of a colonial house, Pernambuco, Brazil]

19th century watercolour, painted on cardboard. Signature and date visible (bottom right-hand corner)

Sheet: 210 x 261 mm

Some damage to corners.

Price: £38



[Back view of House, Sao Paulo Brazil]

19th century watercolour

Sheet: 254 x 179 mm

Minor damage to edges

Price: £38



[Water course at Santos]

19th century watercolour. Signature and date partially visible (bottom left-hand corner)

Sheet: 128 x 273 mm

Tear along pipe line. Damage to edges. Tear through signature and date.

Price: £28



[Stream from Lake]

19th century watercolour. Signed and dated: ‘EJK 1894’

Sheet: 254 x 180 mm

Minor damage to bottom edge.

Price: £38



[View of country villa]

19th century watercolour

Sheet: 271 x 167 mm

Damage to top right-hand corner

Price: £38










Régnier after Barker

Marchand de Poisson, Écossaise or Scotch Fish-Vender

Lemercier, Bernard et Ce.

19th century lithograph, mounted onto backing paper

Sheet: 352 x 456 mm

Some damage to margin edges. Some minor surface abrasion to top left-hand corner of image.

Price: £65

A decorative portrait of a young, pretty fish vendor. Her Scottish nationality is determined through the tartan bodice and skirt.


Charles-Melchior Descourtis after Nicolaus Antoine Taunay

Village Wedding

[Village fete]

18th century colour mezzotints with some engraved lines.

Sheet: Village Wedding -  241 x 316 mm

            [Village fete] – 243 x 315 mm

Some spotting. Good impressions.

Price: £sold

Two delicate impressions: one depicting a Village Wedding - the bride and groom being the focal point of the image – and the other depicting a jovial scene of a village fete. Descourtis was known for his exquisite mezzotints, which were printed using coloured ink, each needing a separate plate, which creates a sense of depth in the images. On closer inspection, it is possible to see the very fine roulette work used by Descourtis, demonstrating his attention to detail and the finesse of his work.


G. Cruikshank

Anglo-Parisian Salutations ‘_or Practice_par excellence! “Commong porty nous Munseer?_O oui_il est un tres belle jour”!_

Published by Thomas Mc. Lean, 26 Haymarket, August 1st 1835

Late 19th century impression.

Sheet: 430 x 280 mm

In good condition.

Price: £30

A jovial scene depicting an Englishman attempting to engage a Frenchman in conversation.


G. Cruikshank

Traveling in France_or_Le depart de la diligence_

Published by Thomas Mc. Lean, 26 Haymarket, August 1st 1835

Late 19th century impression.

Sheet: 431 x 280 mm

In good condition.

Price: £30

A typically busy Cruikshank engraving portraying the stark contrast between the wealthy British tourist and the impoverished French public. The large Englishman, reaching into his pocket, stood in front of the famished, shoe-less French woman, is an amusing caricature depicting the contrast between these two European nations. Tourism, during this period, was on the rise again following the Napoleonic war.


R. Havell after R.B. Peake

Introduction of English Travellers to a French Inn

Published for William Fearman’s Library, New Bond Street, January 1819

19th century aquatint with some etched lines and hand colouring.

Sheet: 285 x 220 mm

Some minor time staining.

Price: £25

A perfect example of the increase in tourism, which was a result of the end of the Napoleonic wars. In this image, an Englishman in typical sober hunting attire is surrounded by French caricatures, depicting the poverty in France which was a result of the war.


Jacob Haid after Dathan

Paul Egell

Published in Augsburg by Jacob Haid.

18th century mezzotint printed on laid paper. Watermark visible.

Sheet: 280 x 413 mm

Some spotting and time stains.

Price: £85

A half-length portrait of the German sculptor and plasterer, Paul Egell (1691-1752), who worked in Mannheim and Frankfurt.



The Right Honourable Lord Grey

Early 18th century mezzotint

Sheet: 249 x 329 mm

Some marginal tears in the publishers margin. Some mild creasing. A good impression.

Price: £60

A three-quarter length portrait of the Right Honourable Lord Grey.



Bernard Vogel after L. Daniel Preisler

Portrait of Paulus Tucher von Simmelsdorf

Published 1713

18th century copper engraving.

Sheet: 313 x 451 mm

Some tide marks and minor surface abrasion throughout. Otherwise, a good impression.

Price: £ 40

A half-length military portrait of Paulus Tucher von Simmelsdorf, a member of the influential patrician family of Nuremburg. In this highly decorative oval portrait, we see him dressed in military armour with a baton in hand.

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