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Bonnart ***

Le Maistre d’Armes

18th century engraving, printed on laid paper.

Sheet: 183 x 267 mm

Some surface abrasion in the margins.

Price: £110

A dynamic portrayal of a fencing master; one of a series of images by Henri Bonnart (1642-1711), depicting different trades.


Anon ***

[A duel with Death]

Late 19th century lithograph printed with tone.

Sheet: 370 x 268 mm

Some spotting and time stains.

Price: £48

An entertaining scene, in which a gentlemen duels with ‘Death’, who is represented as a skeleton. In the background, on the wall, is a framed image depicting David defeating Goliath. The duel in the foreground could be viewed as a parody of the famous fight, shown on the wall.


Scott after J. Webber

[Hunting the Sea Horse]

19th century engraving, printed on laid paper.

Sheet: 381 x 230 mm

Trimmed within the plate mark. Some repaired damage to bottom margin. A good impression.

Price: £30

An unusual image of sailors hunting Walruses. In the background can be seen ships, waiting for the sailors to bring back their kills. Walrus hunting became extremely popular in the 18th and 19th centuries; so much so that it almost resulted in the extinction of the Atlantic population.



Finden after Capt. Lyon

An Eskimaux watching a Seal

Published by John Murray, February 1824, London

19th century steel engraving printed on rolled paper.

Sheet: 261 x 211 mm

Some spotting and browning of the image. A good impression.

Price: £20

An unusual image of an Eskimo, waiting to pounce on an un-suspecting sea lion, by the popular 19th century engraver Edward Finden.


Sutherland after S. Alken

The Westminster Pit. A “Turn-up” between a dog and Jacco Maccaco the fighting Monkey

Published January 1st 1823 by Thomas Kelly, 17 Patternoster Row, London.

A later impression of an early 19th century mixed method engraving with hand colouring, printed on laid paper.

Plate: 228 x 138 mm

In good condition.

Price: £22

A detailed visual record of the popular sport of the period, dog baiting. However, in this particular scene, the dog’s opponent is Jacco Maccaco, the celebrated monkey “gladiator”. Jacco Maccaco became a very successful fighting monkey. Named after his sponsors, the Jolly Jacktars, Jacco was a male of the Simian species, weighing in at 10lbs. In this image, we see Jacco reaching for the dog’s throat, a signature move which almost always sealed the opponent’s unfortunate fate.


J. Pass

Falconry: The Habiliments of Falconry

Published August 19th 1803 by J. Wilkes, London.

Early 19th century copper engraving printed on rolled paper.

Sheet: 196 x 275 mm

Some minor time stains around the figure. A good impression.

Price: £30

A figurative engraving, depicting an example of a hood, which might be typically worn by a falcon.


H.T. Ryall after Frederick Taylor

Morning of the Chase, Haddon Hall in days of Yore.

Published October 2nd 1843by Graves & Company, 6 Pall Mall, London.

19th century mixed method steel engraving, printed on rolled paper.

Plate: 921 x 633 mm

Some time stains in the sky. Otherwise in good condition. A good impression.

Price: £275

An animated and decorative scene depicting a hunting party, preparing for a falconry expedition. The falcons are visible in the foreground, lined up on a perch, whilst in the background, a member of the party has already set off with his falcon perched on his glove and with a squire accompanying him alongside the horse, looking after the dogs. The scene is set outside the entrance to Haddon Hall, which was one of the country seats of the Duke of Rutland (acquired by the family through the marriage of Thomas Manners, 1st Earl of Rutland, and Dorothy Vernon, daughter of Sir George Vernon, the owner of the Manor).



[Study of a Horse]

19th century pencil and chalk drawing.

Sheet size: 468 x 340 mm

Some repaired tears in the margins.

Price: £100

A dynamic sketch of a horse, pulling away in protest from its master.

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